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Project Description

JigLibSDX is JigLibX (Open Source C# XNA 3D physics engine) changed to work with with SlimDX. It's currently synchronized to JigLibX's change set 28770 (Sep 18 2009).


  • JigLibSDX 0.51 Beta (Source Code)
    • JigLibSDX
    • JigLibSDX CollisionSkin Editor
    • Demo 0: Initialization only.
    • Demo 1: Simple falling ball.
    • Demo 2: Ball falling down stairs.
    • Demo 3: Ball falling down stairs (all physics objects are loaded from file).
  • JigLibSDX CollisionSkin Editor (FINAL) (Binaries)
    • Create CollisionSkins.
    • Edit primitive properties and material properties.
    • Added in final version: File export (Build -> Physics Object File ... Ctrl+F5).

CollisionSkin Editor Controls

LMB = Left Mouse Button
RMB = Right Mouse Button
MW = Mouse Wheel
CTRL = Left or Right Control Button

Rotate Grid = LMB
Move Grid = RMB
Zoom = MW

Move Object = Select "Move" in toolbar, press and hold CTRL+LMB.
Rotate Object = Select "Rotate" in toolbar, press and hold CTRL+LMB.
Scale Object = Select "Scale" in toolbar, press and hold CTRL+LMB.
Scale All Object = Select "Scale All" in toolbar, press and hold CTRL+LMB.

To select an object you have to select it in the Project Tree.

Sickbattery's latest VLOGs

You can watch the VLOG here, but I'd rather click the link under the player to watch it in HD.

General Questions And Answers

Q: Is there a documentation?
A: Try JigLibX's tutorials page. They should work for now, since JigLibSDX is (atm) just a renderer change (from XNA to SlimDX), but I'm adding stuff so I might start an own documentation in future.

Q: Can I join this project as a developer?
A: Not at this point of development. However, patches are welcome. Upload them here.

Q: How can I support this project?
A: Here is a list of things you coud do:
  • Support this project indirectly by donating to the JigLibX project. The link is at the top. I don't accept any donations and I don't intend to.
  • Feel free to submit bugs or feature requests to the Issue Tracker.
  • Try to help other users in the forums.
  • Read the FAQ and use the search function before you ask, post or submit an issue.
  • Simply use the engine and report your experiences, that should be enough support :).

Q: What was the initial reason for this project?
A: My reasons:
  • The need for a free, open source, 3D physics engine, written in C# and SlimDX compatible for the game I'm working on.
  • Neither I nor the author of JigLibX have the time to change JigLibX to a more API independent 3D physics engine.
  • My own add-ons might require changes in the engine.
  • Higher quality due to open source.

Q: Have you stopped working on JigLibSDX?
A: Yes & no. From now on I'll work on it only if I have to, because I've begun to work on my game. Finally -.- !! ... ^^ ... ...

CollisionSkin Editor Questions And Answers

Q: What graphics card do I need to use the CollisionSkin Editor?
A: A graphics card with Shader Model 2.0 support. I'm using shaders to make the main mesh (for which you are creating the CollisionSkin) transparent.

Q: Boxes, spheres and capsules? What about meshes, planes etc. ?
A: The only real "fail-safe" collision primitves are boxes, spheres and capsules. Collisions between these three and the other primitives will be conducted. There is no code for collisions between planes and planes or meshes and meshes or planes and meshes.

Q: Why is there no Undo, Redo, select multiple primitives, etc. ?
A: Because I don't have time to implement those functions, sorry. Also, I don't think that I'll miss them much. Most CollisionSkins won't be that complicated anyway.

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